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Attorneys jeff kulinsky and Vimal J. Kottukapally
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Frequently Asked Questions About Illinois Family Law

Matters related to family touch close to the heart. If you are contemplating divorce, 泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜鼓励您咨询泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜关于您的独特情况和您的家庭未来的目标. 考虑到你的孩子和你自己对未来的关心和支持, 泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜可以帮助您制定一个计划,解决过去和现在的问题, and those that may come in the future.

At Kulinsky & Associates Ltd泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜代表的是像你这样只想给家人最好的服务的客户. For a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case, call us at 847-979-9966 or contact us online. 为了您的方便,泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜有多个办事处,提供付款计划和灵活的时间安排.


1. How long does a divorce take?

The length of a divorce depends upon many factors, including but not limited to:

  • Whether or not your spouse is contesting the grounds for divorce, the allocation of parental responsibilities or the division of assets
  • The county in which your divorce is filed


2. How much does it cost to file for divorce?

为了申请离婚,必须向法院支付一定的申请费. 申请费取决于案件所在的县,大约为369美元. Service fees are in addition to filing fees.

3. “父母责任和育儿时间的分配”是什么意思?

As of January 2016, 伊利诺斯州修改了《电竞竞猜都用什么平台》中使用的一些条款. The “allocation of parental responsibilities” basically refers to what we used to call “legal and physical custody,” while “parenting time” encompasses “visitation.”

In other words, the new law recognizes that the two main legal concepts in parenting are 1) who gets to make important decisions regarding the child; and 2) who is providing in-person caretaking of the child.

For example, 假设父母双方都积极地参与了孩子的抚养,并且没有不寻常的问题. Their parental responsibilities might be allocated equally.

If so, 每个人都有充分的权利在孩子的生活中对宗教等关键问题做出决定, education, medical and dental treatment, and enrollment in after-school activities. 但是,在合理的情况下,他们应该共同作出这些决定.

If each parent’s home was equally convenient, parenting time might be allocated more or less equally, as well. 育儿时间是父母双方在照顾孩子的过程中亲自陪伴孩子的时间. It includes the right to make ordinary, day-to-day decisions. 然而,父母一方的家现在必须被指定为儿童的主要居住之家.

These changes were meant, in part, 消除存在“主父”和“探视父”的潜在暗示,并促进子女与父母双方之间的积极关系.

4. 如果我提出离婚,我可以从我的配偶那里得到多少子女抚养费?

Under Illinois law, there are specific guidelines, which are minimums that the court must consider in setting child support. These minimums are 20 percent for one child, 28 percent for two children, 32 percent for three children, and so forth. 如果孩子有特殊需要,法院可以下令支付超过最低标准的抚养费. Special needs include, but are not limited to, care for emotionally or physically challenged children, therapy or counseling expenses for the children, special tutoring and special schools.

5. If I have been court-ordered to pay child support and I lose my job, does my child support automatically cease?

No. It is your responsibility to petition the court to 要求减少、修改或暂时终止子女抚养费 until such time as you are again employed. Each payment when due is vested until a new court order is entered.

6. 我的子女抚养费会在离婚后自动增加吗?

No. 如果您希望增加子女抚养费,您必须提交一份请愿书来修改您的子女抚养费. 这些请愿书必须说明,自离婚令颁布以来,情况发生了重大变化,例如, but not limited to, 孩子的开销增加,前配偶的工资或收入增加.

7. 离婚后,我和我的配偶是否需要支付孩子的大学教育费用?

伊利诺斯州的离婚法要求父母双方根据自己的财力和支付能力支付子女的本科大学教育费用. 伊利诺斯州的这项法律与儿童抚养法规是分开的,适用于18岁以下或高中未毕业的儿童.

8. 离婚后,我的配偶是否需要承担孩子的日托费用?

根据泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜的法律,日托费用和儿童抚养费是两个不同的类别. 根据你配偶的净收入和你的净收入,你很有可能会收到日托费以及孩子的抚养费.

9. What is an uncontested divorce?

If both parties have reached an agreement as to all issues, including but not limited to the amount of child support, maintenance (alimony), custody, visitation, division of assets, division of debt and payment of attorneys’ fees, then it is possible to do an uncontested divorce. One attorney can draft all documents for the court; however, the attorney ethically represents only one party. 与有争议的案件相比,无争议的离婚可以快速而廉价地完成. 所有文件的起草必须符合泛亚电竞英雄联盟竞猜伊利诺伊州法院所要求的标准.

10. How does my spouse find out about the divorce?

有必要向你的配偶送达文件,以便他或她知道法庭案件已存档. 送达可以通过法院指定的一个独立的人来完成,并由你的律师雇佣来为你的配偶送达文件, or alternatively, through the sheriff of the county in which your spouse resides.

11. 离婚判决书发出后,我可否带着孩子搬离现居地?

为了把你的孩子从他们惯常的家搬到25英里以外, 你必须至少提前60天向法院发出通知. However, 如果你的最终离婚文件以书面形式表明你有权将你的孩子从伊利诺伊州带走, then no petition needs to be filed.

12. After I am divorced, 如果我带着我的孩子搬走,而我没有得到法院或我的前配偶的允许,会发生什么?

如果你在没有法院许可或前配偶的书面许可的情况下将孩子搬离伊利诺伊州超过25英里, you could face a range of consequences. Your parenting rights could be negatively affected. You could be held in contempt of court and ordered to return. You could even be charged with kidnapping. In most cases, your children would be returned to Illinois.

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